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Poetry Station: READY FOR LIFT-OFF!


I think I’m going to have my students sign-up to use this for one week at a time since there are seven activities. Though it’ll take two weeks to complete all of the activities in a meaningful way since they’re pretty elaborate. Here are the titles of the activities I put inside of the station. I’m putting the mentor poem(s) the children will examine, before writing their own poem, in parenthesis after each station name.

  • An Odd Word List (“Blackberry Eating” by Galway Kinnell”)
  • Contrasting Morning and Evening (“City” by Langston Hughes)
  • Diamante (“Square/Circle” and “Dogs/Cats”; authors unknown)
  • Onomatopoeia (“Galoshes” by Rhonda Bacmeister)
  • Start with a Sense (“Morning Memory” by Uber Aymat)
  • Taste and Smell (“Fried Dough” by Taylor Sheldon)
  • Where I’m From Poem (“Where I’m From” Poems by George Ella Lyon and by me)
  • To view the books I used to help me get ideas for this station, click here.

    For LOTS more Poetry Resources, check out this post at Wild Rose Reader.

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    1. Wow!! This looks phenomenal! I am sitting here trying to plan my own poetry unit for the upcoming month and your center is an inspiration. Thanks!



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