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Words + Photos: Day 1

Ali Edwards is hosting a Words + Photos Week over at { A }. I debated, heavily, as to whether I should post this on TWT or on Crafty Creations. However, I opted for TWT, since Ali is encouraging the emphasis of this exercise to be writing; the photos are just for decoration. (Had I realized that on my way to work, perhaps I wouldn’t have pulled over so much to take photos of my journey!)

Regardless, here’s what I put together for Day 1 of Words + Photos (click on any photo to enlarge it by viewing it over at Flickr):

Day 1

Day 1

Day 1

Day 1 As you can see, I didn’t obsess over grammar here. After I uploaded the photos to Flickr, I started thinking it should be “where I teach,” but kept it as is, so that the raw quality is still there.

Click here to learn more about Words + Photos Week.

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