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Trying It Out! Using Ideas From Professional Resources

How do you keep learning and growing as a teacher of writing? How do you apply what you've learned from reading professional texts? Today I am sharing the way I am applying my learning from professional texts with my third grade students.

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Spark! Quick Writes to Kindle Hearts and Minds in Elementary Classrooms- Review & Giveaway

Be sure to leave a comment today for a chance to win Paula Bourque's must-read book, Spark! Quick Writes to Kindle Hearts and Minds in Elementary Classrooms. You are going to want this book!

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The Quickwrite Handbook, A Review +Giveaway

Linda Rief has collected a treasure of mentor texts and created a guide to encourage you to find your own treasures! Start here, get inspired, and then see what you find when you start looking. It can be as small or big as you want when you begin and Linda gives us all the right tools to get started.

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Rapid Writes

Penny Kittle and Don Graves's Quick Writes Book attracted some of my kids inasmuch as I adapted some of the "Quick Writes" for my students to use as homework (if they needed an idea of something to write about). About two weeks ago, I decided to pull some of the Stories in Hand Sparks, from… Continue reading Rapid Writes

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Writing Behaviors & the Process

With the action research project I'm about to embark on, I'm trying to get a better hold on the writing behaviors my students, who do not write regularly, possess. I reached for M. Colleen Cruz's New Book from the Workshop Help Desk Series entitled A Quick Guide to Reaching Struggling Writers. This book is chock-full… Continue reading Writing Behaviors & the Process

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Making More Time for Independent Notebook Writing

My grade-level colleagues and I discussed ways to make more time for independent writing during our last common planning session. One thing that was mentioned was setting aside some time in-class, whether it's during our separate from Writing Workshop, to give students an opportunity to do a Quick Write. It's something I've never tried before… Continue reading Making More Time for Independent Notebook Writing

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Ruth’s Memoir Monday: Getting Laney.

Earlier this week I wrote a quick write in my writer's notebook about getting my cabbage patch kid.  (Last week for Memoir Monday, I toyed with the So What? of writing about Laney.)  I thought I'd get it scanned and then posted in that format, yet, it just hasn't happened.  So, because it's nearly Poetry Friday… Continue reading Ruth’s Memoir Monday: Getting Laney.

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It’s not everyday you get Don Graves’ feedback on your writing!

I learned so much at the final session I attended at NCTE today. The session, "Writing from your Teaching Life," was led by Don Graves, Penny Kittle, Meg Petersen, and Karen Hartman. What a treat to have all of these great writers and teachers in the same room! First, we made a map of our… Continue reading It’s not everyday you get Don Graves’ feedback on your writing!