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Ruth’s Memoir Monday: Footprints in the Sand.

A week ago, I participated in a scrapbook challenge to document a part of my wedding that has yet to be recorded.  I lifted a line from a song sung during the ceremony and then reflected on it in the journaling below the photo.  The song (07/99) The photo (self-portrait, CA) (04/05) The journaling (06/09):  Remember… Continue reading Ruth’s Memoir Monday: Footprints in the Sand.

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Why Memoir Monday?

When I giggle at my goal as a fifth grader to write a story a day, collecting thick purple folders of words and pictures, stapled into books, I remember the process of learning to live a creative life.  It was then that I realized the more I wrote, the more I had to write.  The more… Continue reading Why Memoir Monday?

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Weekly Challenges

Some writers live a solitary life. Many write in isolation and put their work out into the world only when they feel it's, well, perfect. As a reader of the Two Writing Teachers Blog, I have a feeling you are aware that Ruth and I have been trying to ensure that teachers of writing do… Continue reading Weekly Challenges

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Ruth’s Memoir Monday: Getting Laney.

Earlier this week I wrote a quick write in my writer's notebook about getting my cabbage patch kid.  (Last week for Memoir Monday, I toyed with the So What? of writing about Laney.)  I thought I'd get it scanned and then posted in that format, yet, it just hasn't happened.  So, because it's nearly Poetry Friday… Continue reading Ruth’s Memoir Monday: Getting Laney.

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Ruth’s MM: A Safe Home

The light-hearted air that usually surrounded me during the first day of summer vacation was missing. My mom and I sat on the floor of my bedroom, surrounded by all of the collected papers, art projects, and tid-bits from my third grade year. "Did you have a good year in third grade?" my mom asked.… Continue reading Ruth’s MM: A Safe Home

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Memoir Monday: Letting Loose.

Have you ever played Sardines?  In this twisted version of hide-n-seek, one person hides and then everyone else looks for him.  Once found, you get in with him, until soon, everyone is packed in (like sardines), laughing and hugging and together. This is my kids' favorite game.  During a recent round, when my husband hid… Continue reading Memoir Monday: Letting Loose.