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Finding Accessible Fonts for Classroom Use

Fonts that look whimsical and childlike may place a stumbling block in front of students with language-based learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia. Get tips from four industry professionals who will help you find an accessible font without sacrificing personality.

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Interactive Charts

Taking Kristi Mraz's chart-making course at the July Writing Institute was so helpful to me.  Kristi really got me thinking about having a take away item (made with a post-it note) that you can hand to kids if they need a reminder to do something.  In addition, she encouraged the use of illustrations on charts. … Continue reading Interactive Charts

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Say, Sketch, and Write

One of the many charts I made, with the help of some wonderful Kindergarten teachers, while I was taking Kristi Mraz's chart-making class at the July Writing Institute was a scaffold to get Kindergarten students ready to write an all-about book.  Betsy Engel, who will be teaching Kindergarten in Manhattan this-coming school year, shared a… Continue reading Say, Sketch, and Write

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Simple Shapes Convey Meaning

I have a confession to make: I'm a wanna-be artist.  I have a deep appreciation for art and for people who can draw the human form.  Until last month, I couldn't even draw a decent stick figure.  As a result, my classroom charts as a teacher were neatly written, and sometimes color-coded, but they rarely… Continue reading Simple Shapes Convey Meaning

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Professional Talk: The Walls of Your Classroom

Each week I receive, The Big Fresh, an e-newsletter from Choice Literacy.  This week's feature is entitled "There's Room for Me Here." As I began reading through the article, it resonated with the Responsive Classroom Training I received three summers ago.  Essentially, the bottom line is to make your classroom feel welcoming for your students,… Continue reading Professional Talk: The Walls of Your Classroom

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Color Coordinated Charts

This week the Reading Charts are in beige and the Writing Charts are in blues and greens. Originally uploaded by teachergal I must be watching too much HGTV lately because I've started to think about color when I'm creating my charts. In the past, when I've sat down on a weekend to make my charts… Continue reading Color Coordinated Charts

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Reminder Sign

New Sign by the Door Originally uploaded by teachergal I was on Etsy about two weeks ago and came across a customizable sign from K is for Calligraphy that would prevent me from sounding like a broken record to my students day-in and day-out. This sign, which was welcomed by my students and I earlier… Continue reading Reminder Sign