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AuthorKathleen Neagle Sokolowski

Overview: Strengthening Professional Learning Blog Series

Teachers cannot stop learning and growing. We cannot rely on the way it’s always been done or stay stuck in the methods we learned years ago in teacher preparation classes. We need to embrace opportunities to strengthen our professional learning. This week, our blog series aims to do just that! We hope you will share your best ideas and tips with us. Commenting on our posts in this series will put you in the running to win a copy of Welcome to Writing Workshop: Engaging Today’s Students with a Model That Works by Stacey Shubitz and Lynne Dorfman!

Classroom SOLSC: Blogging into Week 2

It’s Week 2 of the Classroom SOLSC! If you aren’t participating with your students but would like to support our student bloggers with comments, we welcome your support! Students are working so hard thismonth and comments are very motivating. Just click on the Padlet and select a class to read and respond to! This week we are talking about keeping the enthusiasm going in our second week of the challenge.

Ways to Organize Writer’s Notebooks: Notebook as a Writer’s Tool

There is no one “correct” way to organize writer’s notebooks. So much depends upon the purpose the notebooks serve in your classroom and how students will utilize them during writing time. My goal with this post is to share different possibilities for organizing writer’s notebooks and present you with various options. To section or not to section will depend on how you see writer’s notebooks and the role they play in your workshop.

Questioning Traditional Homework Practices

It can feel scary and uncertain to step away from a traditional practice like assigning homework. Following your teacher heart (and your gut) and reading what other professionals and researchers have shared can make you feel more confident in taking a risk and trying a new policy. Read on to see how one teacher (me) changed how and why homework is assigned.

This is the Year I’m Going to Make Share Time a Priority

A glance at the clock tells me we have just three minutes to get our coats and lunches and line up. Students are still writing, but now there is no time to gather and share.  I sigh, realizing this has become a pattern; without a clear plan for making the share happen, it often does not. But all that will change because… This is the year I’m going to make share time a priority!