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Classroom SOLSC Week 2- Building a Writing Habit

Welcome to Week 2 of the Classroom SOLSC!

If you haven’t entered your class’ information on our Padlet, please be sure to share it so your class will make connections and receive comments from others in the challenge.

This week’s post is focused on building a writing habit. In Jennifer Serravallo’s The Writing Strategies Book, Jen writes, “Can we teach children to have more energy for their writing? Can we teach them to connect with it, to feel engaged with it- not just in an ‘I’m doing with the teacher told me and behaving’ way but in a real ‘getting into the flow’ way? Can we support children in regarding themselves as writers, understanding their own distinct writing styles and working in a way that feels joyful? I think yes. (57).”

Since we, the educators, have just finished a month-long blogging challenge with the March SOLSC, we have a lot to share about our own writing habits and preferences. We can invite our students to reflect on the kind of writer/blogger they are and add to their list during the month. My students are still on spring break until the middle of next week, but I plan to share this with them when we return. I created it on Jamboard.


As students think about themselves as writers, they might reflect on:

-where they like to write

-when they like to write

-topics they prefer

-do they enjoy making up stories or writing about their own lives?

-what is the easiest thing about writing?

-what feels the most challenging?

Be Inspired! 

This quote might be fun to share with your writers. What does it mean to be persistent? What does it mean to practice persistence? In what areas of your life do you already practice persistence? How does this look as a writer?

Let’s have a conversation!

What writing habits have you developed? How can you share them with your students? In what ways are you supporting your writers to build an identity and writing habit? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!