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Classroom SOLSC Week 3: Comments Make Community!


Welcome to Week 3 of the Classroom SOLSC!

Here is our Padlet for the students participating in this year’s challenge:

One of the defining aspects of blogging, in my opinion, is the commenting. When you write in a notebook, there are many benefits, but unless you share that writing, it is mostly private and meant for your own eyes. As a blogger, you are aware that what you write will be read by others because of the public nature of posting on the Internet. In our Classroom SOLSC, students write and hope that classmates, teachers, or guests might  write a comment in response to what was shared. Commenting is really what creates community when blogging. It’s the conversation between reader and writer that adds more meaning and layers to what has been shared.

In a previous post, also entitled Comments Make Community, I offered some ideas on how to teach students to write more thoughtful comments. This week, I plan to spend some time talking with my third grade bloggers about why comments are so important and how they can write comments that are meaningful to the reader.

Here is another post from our TWT archives to help with commenting: Notes from SOLSC 

How are you helping your students understand the importance of appropriate comments? Share your ideas in the Comments here so we can have a conversation!

5 thoughts on “Classroom SOLSC Week 3: Comments Make Community!

  1. I’m very interested in having my high school students blog next year. I’ve never done this before. Do you have suggestions for what would be the best site to use for ninth graders? Thanks for your input!

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  2. I’m learning that using the Seesaw Blog may not have been the best move for my class as I’ve not had a lot of luck connecting to other classes. However, I’m not going to change it now, but will probably to try Kidblog next year. We have been on break, but prior to that we practiced commenting with a compliment, connection, and/or question. I like how you including adding a suggestion to your commenting anchor chart. I’m planning on trying that this week.

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  3. Since we are using Kidblog, it’s easy to follow other bloggers. Before we went on Easter break, I showed my class how to use the links to the classes we are following. I also showed them how to find students from other classes who have commented on our blogs. I will see my students again tomorrow so, hopefully, I can encourage my bloggers to leave a few more comments.

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    1. You have been doing an amazing job commenting! My class appreciates all the comments. I am going to show them more about our connections this week.

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