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Classroom SOLSC Week 4: Reflections

It’s Week 4 of the Classroom SOLSC!

We are several weeks into our blogging challenge now, with 12 days left to go. This is a good time to think through what has been working so far, what could be better, and what I am learning about my students through this process. Here are some of my reflections:

-My most proficient readers are using craft moves in sophisticated ways- varying punctuation, making bold words, writing with a lot of voice, and creating fictional stories.

-I am learning so much more about a couple of my students who are quiet in the classroom and don’t often talk with me. In their writing, I am learning about their vacations,  pets, and things that are important to them. I am able to write back in the comments and start a dialogue. Face to face, I can ask them about what they blogged about and it is helping to build more of a relationship.

-My reluctant writers are not embracing the challenge and aren’t writing much. I’ve made the challenge optional but I am disappointed that more students are not taking part. I’ve given some time in class but when I look back at what students wrote, some students are not producing much.

-Some students are very motivated by the layout, fonts, images and color choices that go with the blog. A student has been embedding videos into some of her posts, which she figured out how to do without any direction from me.

-In years past, I’ve had parents participate in the challenge by leaving comments for the students. I’ve invited the parents to participate this year but so far no one has. Is this a sign of the times and how challenging it is living through a global pandemic? How can I get more family buy-in and support for the bloggers?

-We are a much smaller community of Classroom SOLSC this year and in a sense, it has felt less overwhelming to comment on other classes. I have tried to comment each day but don’t always get to do so. I’ve enjoyed reading other students’ writing and I’ve been so grateful for all the comments my students have received from other students and teachers.

What are your reflections so far from this year’s Classroom SOLSC?

Thinking ahead to Celebrations…

Next Sunday will be out last Classroom SOLSC post and the challenge ends on Friday, April 30th. Have you thought about how you will celebrate with your class? I wanted to share a few links and ideas to help you plan ahead. If you have ideas on how to celebrate the end of the challenge, PLEASE share them in the comments!

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Songs for Celebrating Writing 

Have a great week of blogging! Looking forward to reading more student pieces and growing our community this week.

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  1. For celebrations, I am mulling over celebrating those students who went above and beyond in posting and commenting, while not having the other feels left out. This is a trend that I always struggle with. I’m not sure a party will work this year, but was considering going outside for our snack time and presenting the certificates then. The students were REALLY into the badges they earned this year so I thought of possibly printing the badges they earned on their certificates.

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