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Classroom SOLSC Week 5: Celebrations!

It’s Week 5- our final week of the Classroom SOLSC!

Congratulations on participating in this year’s challenge!


This week, our challenge wraps up on Friday, April 30th. How will you celebrate the effort and accomplishments of your student bloggers?

I’ve created a certificate, which you can access here:

In my third grade classroom, I plan to print out badge certificates for students who earned at least one badge. Students who received 5 badges will get a Certificate of Participation. Students who earned 7 or more badges will be able to choose a prize. I plan to bring in a small treat for the class to celebrate our collective effort this month. I will also ask students to reflect on their favorite parts of the Classroom SOLSC and ideas for making the challenge better.

As an educator participating in this year’s Classroom SOLSC, what worked well for you? What would have helped? What suggestions do you have for next year? Please share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for being part of this year’s challenge and for being an educator who prioritizes student voice and choice when it comes to writing.

Hope to see you again in next year’s Classroom SOLSC!

3 thoughts on “Classroom SOLSC Week 5: Celebrations!

  1. My students love free homework passes so I am passing out passes at 15 posts, 20 posts, 25 posts and 30 posts. If they post all 30 days they get to stay in for lunch with me and I am having french fries delivered for us. I only have four that were very serious this year but their posts and comments have been amazing! Thanks, Kathleen, for being so motivating and keeping this challenge going. You have been a blessing to my writers this year again!

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  2. I only participated with my daughter this year, no classes from school. Just today she said to me, “I just have so many stories. I’m going to keep writing every day.” This challenge gave helped her build a writing routine and gave us a way to connect. Thank you for this space.

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  3. When I read one of your posts about the badges for the classroom SOL, I decided to try badges with my students. It was far more engaging than I realized it would be! For the celebration, I plan to print certificates for each of my second graders because they all posted at least one slice. I plan to include their specific badges on their individual certificate. Due to school COVID protocol we can’t bring in outside treats. I plan to go to our apple orchard for snack and present the certificates there since it’ll be a “treat” to do something different. I had a great time being a part of the classroom slice of life this year and will do it next year, too! Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions in your posts – I think it went pretty smoothly in my classroom this year!

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