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The Power of Language Revisited

When it comes to the teaching of writing in a writing workshop, language is everything.  It is through the words we teachers choose that writers are created, built up, encouraged, and inspired.

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The Intentional Educator Planner (Giveaway)

I've always wanted to keep a reflective journal about my teaching but in the hustle and bustle of a busy school day, that seemed to be the first thing to go from list of "to-do's." I'm hopeful that having  a place to reflect right in my plan book will encourage me to take time to write down my thoughts and ideas each week. The 2017-2018 Intentional Educator Planner will be just the place!

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Learning From Student Reflections

I've been thinking a lot about my year teaching third grade and the writing my students did. I had thoughts, opinions and ideas about what went right and where I still needed to make changes, refine my practice, be more strategic. Then, it dawned on me: I really need to ask my students what they think.

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How Do We Help Students Find Their Why?

At first, pride filled my heart, but as I continued to watch, I realized the work ethics I was watching at that moment hadn't been as clear nor intentional throughout the year. The day's show of teamwork could have been the culmination of a year's work, but I knew it was something more.

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Pausing to Reflect: Personal Essays

My third graders are wrapping up their unit on personal essay. While some have grasped the structure and have articulated reasons and examples to support their argument, others have struggled to understand the concept of an essay. I want to take some time to think about what went right when teaching this unit and where the breakdowns occurred.

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Writing: A Path to Become an Intentional Educator

What if there was a way to build in opportunities to reflect, in writing, about my teaching right in the place where the lesson plans reside? And what if that place could also offer daily inspiration and opportunities to set positive intentions for the week ahead?

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If Your School Year Were a Book: Endings

As the end of this particular school year draws near, you might think about the qualities of your favorite stories to help you plan an ending that is meaningful for your students.

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Ending a Year of Teaching Writing with a Group Reflection

One thing I love so much about being an educator is the cyclical nature of the school year. The beginning of the year brings promise, renewed energy, and a certain mania. The middle of the year brings familiarity, routine, and structure. The end of the year brings a slower pace, stepping back, reflection. There is… Continue reading Ending a Year of Teaching Writing with a Group Reflection