Quick Writes for A Kid

Quick Writes Note To Student

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I came across my list of follow-ups from Family-Teacher Conferences on my desk this evening as I was trying to clean up. I found something I didn’t do yet… “Provide her with Quick Writes.” That was the note I wrote to remind myself to give one of my students a bunch of Quick Writes (a la Graves and Kittle) to help her with her daily notebook writing, something she finds tedious and not very enjoyable since she never feels like she has anything to write about.

I thought of Quick Writes since they’re a way of jump-starting writing. I’ve done a handful of them and was happily surprised with the way the prompts really let me go in any direction I desired.

Have you seen My Quick Writes? If not, then I’d suggest checking it out.

Also, if you’d like to read more about the sessions Ruth and I attended with Graves and Kittle when we were at NCTE this past year, just click on their names under “categories” right below the text of this post. 🙂