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Tips for Analyzing and Scoring a Ton of Writing

Time is precious, and your mental energy even more so. Why waste either when others before you have learned through trial and error? Avoid common missteps by reading these simple tips.

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The Joys, Wonders, and Challenges of On-Demand Writing: Assessment Strengthens Writers Blog Series

I'll be honest. I actually love on-demand writing assessments.

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On-Demand Performance Assessments & the Norming Meeting

I've administered and reviewed many on-demand pieces of writing. However, I've never engaged in a norming meeting until two weeks ago. Learn more about the ways in which we can work with our colleagues to assess on-demand assessments so they can drive our instruction.

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Kids As Mentors

I'm getting ready for Family-Teacher Conferences tomorrow. As I do, I'm putting together folders for each family, which includes the following things: A reading & word work assessment profile with each student's score and the benchmarks The most recent math test Each student's most recent on-demand assessment (for personal narrative) Suggestions for helping students with… Continue reading Kids As Mentors

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“Time Line” for On-Demand Assessments

I mapped out the way my students could go through the Quick Publish Process today. (They have today and tomorrow to quickly publish a personal narrative before we begin our next unit of study, personal essay, on Monday.) Here's what the "time line" of the writing process looked like:

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Quick Publish Assessment for Literary Essay

In case you're wondering what the on-demand assessment (aka: Quick Publish Assessment) I was blogging about earlier looks like, here's what it looks like: LITERARY ESSAY QUICK PUBLISH ASSESSMENT TASK: Write a four paragraph literary essay about _______ by _______. TIME: 50 minutes MINI-RUBRIC: The essay advanced a thesis or a claim. (1 .5 0… Continue reading Quick Publish Assessment for Literary Essay

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Thinking about on-demand lit. essay writing

When my students return from vacation they're going to be spending a week in their notebooks before we start our memoir unit of study. (We're saving poetry for last since I didn't feel we HAD to do Poetry now just b/c it's National Poetry Month. I've always done it in April, but wanted to change-it-up… Continue reading Thinking about on-demand lit. essay writing

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On-Demand Writing

I'm planning on having my students complete an "on-demand" personal essay for the next two days before we begin our unit of study on persuasive letter writing. These are the guidelines I put together for them, which is modified from the original document I put together with two of my former colleagues, Christina and Artemis,… Continue reading On-Demand Writing