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Quick Publish Assessment for Literary Essay

In case you’re wondering what the on-demand assessment (aka: Quick Publish Assessment) I was blogging about earlier looks like, here’s what it looks like:


TASK: Write a four paragraph literary essay about _______ by _______.

TIME: 50 minutes


  • The essay advanced a thesis or a claim. (1 .5 0 points)
  • The writer grew his/her thinking about the characters, plot, or theme of a story based off of his/her citations from the text. (1 .5 0 points)
  • Both of the body paragraphs have a topic sentence, evidence from the text to prove the topic sentence, and a concluding sentence. (1 .5 0 points)
  • The writer connected with the text in the final paragraph. (1 .5 0 points)
    • Skip lines so I can read your piece easily.
    • Grow your thinking using the “Pushing Our Thinking” Prompts throughout your essay.
    • If you finish early, go back and revise/edit your essay.
    • Attach a rough draft, graphic organizer, or anything else you used to help you plan your essay.

    After the kids finish the assignment, they have to complete these open-ended questions.

    Please reflect on this assignment. Respond in complete sentences.

  • What did you think you did well as a literary essay writer? Explain.
  • What do you still need to work on to become a better analyzer of texts? Explain.
  • I created this last year with Christina and Artemis. I like it, but I also like the idea of letting the kids create their own assessment rubric, which I’ve done quite a few times this year. I’m thinking this on-demand assignment might need some more tweaking before I hand it out next week.

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