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Letter Writing: On-Demand

I created an on-demand assessment sheet for the friendly letter writing unit of study I'm doing right now with my kids. They're going to have 40 minutes to quickly publish a friendly letter to an out-of-town family member. I know they'll be able to do this without a problem. That being said, I'm still going… Continue reading Letter Writing: On-Demand

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Twenty Published Pieces

Twenty Published Pieces That Grew Out of Writer's Notebook Entries Caption: My students spent two days working on on-demand writing pieces. Today eight of them shared their small moment stories in front of their peers. However, all of them took time to decorate the covers of the manila folders that hold photocopies of their original… Continue reading Twenty Published Pieces

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On-Demand Writing Time

They've collected and collected and collected some more in their writer's notebooks. Now it's time for my kids to publish something. I'm giving them two days to do an "on-demand" piece of writing about a small moment in time. Today I had them use post-its to help themselves find some entries they wanted to publish.… Continue reading On-Demand Writing Time

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The first month of school

I met with the other teacher on my grade level today to plan our Reading and Writing Workshops for the first month of school. Our writing teaching points were inspired by five professional book authors: Aimee Buckner, Lucy Calkins, Ralph Fletcher, JoAnn Portalupi, and Jim Vopat. Would you have a look over what we created… Continue reading The first month of school