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On-Demand Writing

I’m planning on having my students complete an “on-demand” personal essay for the next two days before we begin our unit of study on persuasive letter writing. These are the guidelines I put together for them, which is modified from the original document I put together with two of my former colleagues, Christina and Artemis, last spring. Instead of giving my students one day to complete a five paragraph essay, which is how this on-demand piece was originally structured, I broke it down into two days.

An updated on how it works out will follow later this week.

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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  1. I love your website! It has been so informative and I only stumbled upon a few days ago. I would love to collaborate with others about writing!!! I am going to be starting persuasive in a little bit (right now we are doing a unit of study on how writers use language) and I could use some ideas on persuasive writing.

    Thanks for any help!!!


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