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Let’s Get Curious! Using Appreciative Inquiry in the Writing Classroom

Students are our north stars. When we get to know students (academically and beyond), we can more clearly see and honor who they are and what they know. Appreciative inquiry enables us to capitalize on the abundant assets already present.

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Flailing and Feedback In Writing Process As Critical: KidLit Authors Share Why

Slowing down the brainstorming part of the writing process and recognizing the emotionality of feedback has big rewards for two published authors, in addition to our young classroom writers.

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Building Each Other Up, Cheering Each Other On

THIS is what teachers need right now. This is my work as a coach, and this is what we can all do for each other in this challenging time.

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Have You Ever Asked Your Kids for Feedback on YOUR Writing?

A few years ago I often began asking my students to tell me what I did well as a writer and what I could work on as a writer when I gave them a piece of my writing to read.  At first, this was hard for them.  Who wants to critique their teacher, right?  Well,… Continue reading Have You Ever Asked Your Kids for Feedback on YOUR Writing?