Stacey’s M.M. Post: Carrying It All With Me

Overstuffed File Tote

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When I lived in Manhattan I never carried that much stuff to and from school daily. After all, I couldn’t negotiate the stairs on the subway platforms at 86th and 103rd Streets with too much in my hands. Therefore, I’m perplexed at how much stuff I take to and from school every day now that I’m a suburbanite with a car. (Some people would argue that Providence is a city, but after living in the Foggy Bottom Section of Washington, DC and the Upper East Side of New York for 12 years, I feel that Providence is more of a suburb than a City.)

I put together all of my items for school this morning and realized I need to add two more file folders, bringing the total up to 14, to my file tote. I already put my charts for the week and a couple of other things in my car over the weekend. I also have to take my math teacher’s guide (had two of those in NYC, so I kept one at home and one in school) with me. I looked at my tote and realized that even that wasn’t all I had to take with me today. In fact, I still have to take my purse and my lunch. (Call-in the granny cart because there’s no way I’m getting all of this stuff upstairs to my classroom with just my two arms.)

Life, in general, seemed much more complicated when I lived in Manhattan. Grocery shopping and getting from place-to-place with mass transportation were just two things that made life more difficult. However, now that I have a car, I realize I schlep a lot more stuff with me… everywhere. This makes me wonder, is all of the stuff I’m schlepping really necessary?