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Exchanging “Kind Words for My Classmates”

I had a remarkable day with my students yesterday on so many levels. However, the "Kind Words" Exchange was incredible. I recorded some of their reactions to the Exchange. (Can't read what the writing on the text? Just click on the image to see it in its largest form.) What I didn't couldn't here are… Continue reading Exchanging “Kind Words for My Classmates”

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That Personal Touch

Our Entry Table Has Begun to Brim with Anniversary and Chanukah Cards Originally uploaded by teachergal We're all so busy these days, aren't we? The snowstorm that hit New England this past Friday caused me, and many others, to slow down. I had the chance to reflect on what was important (safety first, Chanukah party… Continue reading That Personal Touch

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Stacey’s Memoir Monday Post: In-Process About My Closest Friend

Through the years... Originally uploaded by teachergal I took one of the lean prompts, and some of the questions Sprague gave us during the Stories in Hand Class, and used them to start writing a piece about my best friend and I (and how we met). Then, I started doing some writing, in which I… Continue reading Stacey’s Memoir Monday Post: In-Process About My Closest Friend

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The Big Picture: Happy Mail!!!

This is the final post of The Big Picture Series. (Ruth stated hers was the last, but after I received some mail from her today, I decided we needed to have just one more post in this Series.) I returned home from running errands about 30 minutes ago and found a thick, manila envelope in… Continue reading The Big Picture: Happy Mail!!!

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Stacey’s Memoir Mondays Post: Chanukkah & Old Friends

Chanukkah 1996 Originally uploaded by teachergal I threw my first of many Chanukkah Parties in my Washington Studio Apartment when I was 19 years old. I invited friends, Jewish and non-Jewish, over to enjoy some latkes, sufganyot, and music. Several of us walked down to the National Menorah, which is located near the National Christmas… Continue reading Stacey’s Memoir Mondays Post: Chanukkah & Old Friends


M.M. Inspiration: “Old Friends”

An optional charge for August 11th's Memoir Monday... I was thinking about some of my lifelong friends I made in college the other day. There are four (Lori, Marc - not my husband -, Rachel, and Stacey) who I've been close with since the first semester of freshman year. I encourage you to go through… Continue reading M.M. Inspiration: “Old Friends”

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And now a poem since I poems are always a nice part of a birthday greeting (in my opinion, at least): Warm Wishes A soft slate-blue sky swallows floating across fluffy clouds and the breeze gently glides among trees odours fragrant of boungainvillae all these and more remind me of the special day marking your… Continue reading Bday

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Memoir Monday Idea: A Special Place (Then & Now)

My best friend and I went to Newport in August 2004. Since then, I've been back quite a few times, including yesterday, with Marc (my husband). Therefore, this Monday, I'm going to reflect on how my attitude and feelings towards Newport have changed in just a few short years. Make a Smilebox postcard If you… Continue reading Memoir Monday Idea: A Special Place (Then & Now)

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My First “Memoir Mondays” Memory Post

We were patiently waiting at Logan Airport for the gate agent to call us up for check-in. Alexa hadn't arrived from DC yet. I was flanked by my parents who were about to send their only child abroad for five weeks. I noticed another girl, who looked about my age, with her parents and her… Continue reading My First “Memoir Mondays” Memory Post