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Did You Know 2.0

Here’s the link in case you want to pass this video along to someone else:

To join in the Shift Happens Conversation, click here.
I particularly like their discussion questions, which are as follows:
# What are your initial reactions to what you saw in the presentation?
# How are these changes manifesting themselves in your personal lives? professional lives?
# What do we think it means to prepare students for the 21st century? What skills do students need to survive and thrive in this new era?
# What implications does this have for our current way of doing things?
# Do we need to change? If so, how?
# How do we get from here to there?
# What challenges must we overcome as we move forward?
# What supports will we need as we move forward?
# What kind of training will we need to move forward?
# What kind of commitments will we need to make (with each other, our students, and our community) to move forward?
# Who’s scared? Why?
# What will we do next? What are some concrete actions that we can take in the near future?
# Is it possible for a teacher to be an excellent teacher if he/she does not use technology?

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