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SOLSC: Multi-tasking


  • Late Saturday afternoon.
  • On the elliptical rider.
  • Listening to “Bombay Dreams” on my MP3.
  • Watching the replay of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ‘Farewell’ Speech.


When I was in college I volunteered at the White House Office of Women’s Initiatives and Outreach from Sept. 1995 – Nov. 1996. The office was started by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Though I’ve never met her, and may not agree with all of the decisions she’s made, I felt a deep connection to her campaign for the American Presidency. Hence, I supported her, albeit quietly, in the primary.



I was on the elliptical rider with the soundtrack from “Bombay Dreams” blasting in my ears. MSNBC was airing Clinton’s Step-down from the race for the Presidency. I was moving along on the elliptical rider as I watched Clinton’s speech and read the closed-captioning. It was early on in the speech when I got chocked up. Tears welled up in my eyes when Clinton said:

to the moms and dads who came to our events, who lifted their little girls and little boys on their shoulders and whispered in their ears, ‘See, you can be anything you want to be.'”

Love her or hate her, it is true that Clinton has shattered one of the highest glass ceilings in our country. Now every little girl in this country can realize that their dream of running for higher office is possible. This gives me hope that there will be many little girls who will take the initiative to pursue their hopes and dreams, which may have once been laughed-off by society since the Presidency was (and as of now still is) a male-thing.

And so, as I moved along to the music, burning-off some calories, I felt proud to be an American Woman on Saturday. Even though Clinton will not be on the Democratic Ticket in November, I feel as though she opened the door to so many other qualified women who aspire for more in the political arena. Her candidacy speaks loud and clear to all women: “you CAN be anything you want to be” because this is America and you have the right to whatever YOUR American Dream will be.


This blog is not a place where Ruth and I discuss politics. However, I felt it was okay to come out and say who I supported now that it’s a race between Obama and McCain (and I haven’t made up my mind one way or another yet). You will not be seeing more political discourse from me since I do not feel this blog is the right venue for engaging in a political discussion.

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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  1. Great post, Stacey. I’ve been so ambivalent through this whole campaign, and then so saddened by so many of the things that were said or implied. I’m relieved that this phase of the race has ended, but I would very much have liked to see a different run for the nomination, one that would have left me equally thrilled with all of the candidates, happy and eager to support whoever came out on top. I supported Clinton in both of her Senate runs, always thought there was so much to like and respect about her. I thought her speech suspending her campaign was one of the finest she’s given in many months.

    Lennye, your story made me so sad and so angry for you. How dare that teacher mock your aspirations! (Sometimes I think it’s teachers like that one who pushed me to become a teacher, to show that there was another way to be with students.) I, too, wish she was here to see how far our country has come … not quite there yet, but so close. Certainly no longer something she could justify snickering at!

    I do think it’s interesting that we like to think of our country as being so forward-thinking and yet countries around the world have been run by women for so many years and we still haven’t been able to get out of our way and elect a woman. It’s coming, though. And for the first time, I can actually see that it will come in my lifetime! And that’s a cool thing.


  2. Regardless of who anyone supports, this has truly been a huge moment in American political history. Other countries have been electing women to their highest office for years. This is a moment to remember and to tell our granddaughters about.


  3. Stacey, as a second grader back in 1966 our teacher asked us to write down what we wanted to be when we grew up. I wrote down two–Govenor of Oklahoma and President of the United States. The teacher asked us to come to the front and read our list, but when I did she laughed. Her comment to the class (which I still remember after 40 years), “Boys and girls, Lennye is so silly, girls can’t be president and never will be!” I was crushed, my Grandma told me I could be whatever I wanted to be!! Even though I don’t agree with Hilary’s politics I admire what she has done for women. I’m sorry that my second grade teacher wasn’t here to see what women can do today.


  4. I’m glad you feel this way Stacey. I totally agree. Too bad there were some serious mistakes made in her “packaging” for the campaign. I heard her speak when she was running for the senate and wow was she great.
    I moved all the way to Obama and now I need a t-shirt.


  5. There was a great article in Newsweek about Clinton, saying that while most campaigns degrade candidates, this one transformed Hillary Clinton into a person. I thought that was a great insight, as she finally came to understand how to speak and connect with people on that “stage.” My guess is that she always could connect but could not articulate that in front of the audience of the world.
    I am an Obama fan, but I like Hillary, too.



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