The Power of Small Words and Combinations

Why are some sentences stronger than others? What makes a sentence powerful? What are the subtle but important differences that a single word can make? Maybe you'll inspire some word-based debates as you nudge along fluency and language skills.

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A Few Questions for Peter H. Johnston + a Book Giveaway

I've learned the importance of communicating clearly with students through the Responsive Classroom training I've had and books I've read about teacher-talk.  One book that resonated with me several years ago was Choice Words: How Our Language Affects Children's Learning by Peter H. Johnston.  In his book, Johnston made me think deeply about the words… Continue reading A Few Questions for Peter H. Johnston + a Book Giveaway

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Say What You Mean: Part One

One September, I was creating a chart with my students about the things good writers do.  They said things like "good writers write long and strong" and "they add details."  I was initially impressed.  These kids seemed to know some of the things it took to be a strong writer.  But then, I conferred with… Continue reading Say What You Mean: Part One

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The Language We Use When We Teach

I attended a workshop with Peter H. Johnston, Author of Choice Words, over two years ago.  He spoke a lot about the language we use when we teach.  A lot of what he said stuck.  Couple the Johnston Workshop with a week-long Responsive Classroom Training Institute and I have to admit that I needed to… Continue reading The Language We Use When We Teach