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New York State of Mind: The Last Poetry Thursday

Today's the last ever Poetry Thursday. 😦 I just returned from spending a few whirlwind days in New York City (New Jersey and Connecticut too). I packed up the last boxes and said a permanent good-bye to the apartment I called home for the past four (of the seven and a half) years I've lived… Continue reading New York State of Mind: The Last Poetry Thursday

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It’s almost the last Poetry Thursday. :(

Apple At the center, a dark star wrapped in white. When you bit, listen for the crunch of boots on snow, snow that has ripened. Over it stretches the red, starry sky. --Nan Fry I simply love the visual imagery this poem evokes. I think it's an excellent mentor for students who are trying to… Continue reading It’s almost the last Poetry Thursday. 😦

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Poetry Thursday & Calling Out

I found this anonymously written poem at the TeacherHelpers Website. It's an interesting take on a child who is trying to do the write thing. Patience My teacher asked a question and I gave it lots of thought; Then I slowly raised my hand to do just as I'd been taught. Then someone yelled the… Continue reading Poetry Thursday & Calling Out

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Poetry Thursday

Ruth and I both know and love Poetry Friday. However, I was just perusing the internet and found a site called Poetry Thursday, which is "an online project that builds community by encouraging bloggers to read and enjoy poetry, as well as sharing it with others." Since I love teaching poetry (and reading it), I… Continue reading Poetry Thursday