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It’s Not All About Blog: The Work Before The Blog

Take the first step together; write, read, and comment on blogs as a class.  These first steps will help your students learn the feel and expectations of a blogging community.

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If We Build It, They Will Come: Tales From Inside The Sharing Circle

The most important minutes of your writing workshop require zero hassle and no prep--only precious time. The minimal investment is worth its weight in gold. Welcome to the sharing circle with guest teacher Lori VanHoesen: The bridge builder you didn't know was doing the hardest work all along.

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Writing Celebrations…But Why?

With all the pressures imposed by a segmented, unforgiving middle school schedule, why make time for writing celebrations? Are they really that important? Yes!

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Writing for Audience: Authentic Purposes for Writing

Sometimes we write to clarify our thinking or record a moment so it won’t be lost in our memories. Other times we write to entertain, inform, or instruct. Recently, many of us have found writing to be an avenue for us to express opinions, voice our beliefs and persuade others to join us in our… Continue reading Writing for Audience: Authentic Purposes for Writing