Here’s what’s going inside of the memory box I’ll create tomorrow with my students…

1. Golf Glove purchased on Kiawah Island in the late 1990’s. Used twice. Maybe three times. Stories from my golf lesson abound. (I think this is what I’ll model with during my Minilesson Demo since I have very few memories of using this item. But the ones I do have are pretty funny, albeit embarrassing. Let’s just say that I’m not the next Annika.)
2. Magnet from the store where I bought Marc’s wedding ring.
3. Ticket stub from a show my friend Jordi was in.
4. An WABC-TV Bookmark: Given to me in a backpack with other goodies from an executive at that station last Xmas. (She was like Santa, giving backpacks filled with goodies to me and to my students.)
5. A laminated pastel paper I created at Mohonk Mountain House in August 2006.
6. A photo of Marc and I from last year’s Brown v. Columbia Game. (My Lions beat his Bears 22 – 21!)
7. Transformers Pen from the Hasbro Gala.
8. Deal With It! Business Card

I might throw in a few other odds and ends, but seeing as I asked my students to only bring in five items for their boxes, bringing in a bunch more seems unnecessary.