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Far From Goodbye

Ruth Ayres Writes

Sometimes life calls and we must follow. Today is my last post on Two Writing Teachers, however, it is far from goodbye. My words will now call only one blog home, Ruth Ayres Writes: {Discover. Play. Build.}. You can also find me in these online spaces:

Please check out my post, Where the Story Leads {for the Two Writing Teachers Community}. There are words waiting there, just for you my friends. Here is an excerpt:

Not only am I grateful to Stacey, but I’m thankful for the years of learning and the Two Writing Teachers community. Because of you I found my voice and learned my words matter. You’ve helped me become who I am meant to be and have confirmed it is more important to be genuine and authentic than to be influential and significant.

You fuel me to write real and raw. You empower me to be bold and brave. I’m afraid I will miss you. 

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Unhurried. Finding the magic in the middle of living. Capturing a life of ridiculous grace + raw stories.

12 thoughts on “Far From Goodbye Leave a comment

  1. How lucky we are to follow Ruth and Stacey in their new stage of their writing journeys as well as look forward to welcoming a new voice to TWT. It has been a pleasure and an inspiration to be a witness to your collaboration, and I will continue to be inspired by and learn from the both of you. Here’s to new journeys!


  2. I had the pleasure of working with Ruth when she came to visit Lukancic Middle School, in the short amount of time I was in her presence, inspiration was abundant. It is so apparent that you love what you do, your passion is contagious. Good luck in your new endeavor!


  3. Both of you, Ruth and Stacey, have given much of your lives to this blog, and enriched us in our teaching and personal lives so much. Thank you for that, and best wishes now as you follow different paths.


  4. Ruth, in your case to be genuine and authentic is to be influential and significant…at least in regards to my life. Your words here have made a lasting impression on who I am as a reader, writer, teacher, and as a human. I am looking forward to this change in your journey, as it can only mean good things are in store for you and your readers.


  5. AND, I am grateful to YOU and Stacey for not only the sharing, caring and learning, but also for hosting a forum where I too realized my voice was not a clanging gong and that my thoughts and ideas were worth sharing. I too have been thinking about change a lot this week. Beginnings and endings look much the same and thus, I look forward to hearing about your next adventures. All of them 🙂


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