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A “Jog” You Have Energy For

Picture Book 10 for 10 Challenge
Picture Book 10 for 10 Challenge

I hope you didn’t miss the BIG event on Saturday: Picture Books 10 for 10 hosted by Cathy Mere (Reflect and Refine) and Mandy Robek (Enjoy and Embrace Learning). Bloggers compiled their lists of 10 picture books and then shared the links with Cathy and Mandy. Cathy and Mandy then created a jog. With over 60 participants, it makes for a long jog, but it won’t be hard on your knees (although your pocketbook might be a different story).

Pour yourself your favorite drink and get comfy. Then click this link for a little jog that is sure to make you excited about sharing books with kids!

3 thoughts on “A “Jog” You Have Energy For

  1. Stacey and Ruth,
    Thanks for passing along the link. We had over 120 blogs posting during the event. The result is a resource well worth a visit. We are so grateful to the community for taking the time to post when I know many were also busy getting ready for a new school year. Thanks to you both for your participation and support.



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