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Writer’s Notebooks

Last week I had a conversation with a middle school teacher who has spent her summer studying writing workshop and is excited to make writer's notebooks the backbone of her writing instruction. This is my tenth year as an instructional writing coach and I've had the opportunity to see teachers put notebooks in action hundreds… Continue reading Writer’s Notebooks

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Hello August!

Here I am and August is here too. It has been a long summer that is going too fast. It's the paradox of time. One thing is for sure: It keeps moving. Next Monday I will be in school. Here are a few things that make me excited to return. Check out how I plan… Continue reading Hello August!

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Online Relationships Become Real

{This isn't the end of my thinking and sharing about the All-Write 2013 Summer Institute. There will be more...check Ruth Ayres Writes since we are on vacation around here throughout the month of July!} Linda Baie (Teacher Dance), Ramona (Pleasures from the Page), Elsie (Elsie Tries Writing), me, Christy Rush-Levine (Living) (from left to right) There is something… Continue reading Online Relationships Become Real

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#allwrite13 Notes

If you've not checked out the #allwrite13 Twitter feed, then I'm not sure what you are waiting for! It is an eclectic notes page of the best of the best thinking. Throughout the weekend (and this week, I imagine) people are writing reflections and sharing how the thinking at #allwrite13 is growing. It is remarkable… Continue reading #allwrite13 Notes

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Friday Favorites

It seems like so long since I've sat beside Andy, a baseball game on the tv and my computer open on my lap. I came home from All-Write 2013 and after hello said, I have to write a blog post. He laughed. Nevertheless, this is going to be a Fast Friday Favorites. You'll find some… Continue reading Friday Favorites

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#allwrite13 Online Connections Dinner

Since Ramona asked and she traveled all the way from Seattle, I honored her request. We went around the room and introduced ourselves. It was a big dinner party -- 33 people in all. Check out who was there. I've been excited for months about this dinner. After all it was a room full of… Continue reading #allwrite13 Online Connections Dinner

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Just Write.

I hope you are taking the summer to just write. Life is too short not to write. I've been percolating today's blog post and planned to write it this afternoon. However, plans changed, so this slide from my keynote presentation will have to do. Hopefully it will nudge you to write. One of the reasons… Continue reading Just Write.

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I Be Myself (Vintage Ayres)

I spent most of the day thinking of something inspirational to share today. I really love blogging and I look forward to thinking of ways to encourage and inspire. Unfortunately I'm out of ideas (but have several for my next Friday Favorites!). I'm not worried, though, because I know ideas will come. The worse thing… Continue reading I Be Myself (Vintage Ayres)

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If you’re gonna write…

Today was the first day of summer vacation at home. I spent the day writing. First working on my latest project and then working on my keynote. Now I have Celebrating Writers queued up and waiting for me to confirm or change the copy edits. It'll be out in a couple of months! *Squeal!* So… Continue reading If you’re gonna write…

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Friday Favorites

Kings Island -- We celebrated the first day of summer vacation yesterday. It was crazy-chaos to get out of the door after my last day of school. On Wednesday, my last day of school, not only were we driving to Ohio to stay with Andy's aunt (who treated us to the tickets -- wow!), but… Continue reading Friday Favorites

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Will We Be Seeing Each Other?

Just a little nod to the All-Write Summer Institute... I hope if you are coming, you will say, "Hi" to me. I mean this. If you've never met me in real life, you may not know that I'm a tad bit shy. Before blogging and presenting and writing books for teachers, I would never have… Continue reading Will We Be Seeing Each Other?