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Maximizing the Adult Resources in Our Classrooms

Over the summer, a few of us at TWT all received questions about how to manage extra adults in the classroom. Today and tomorrow, Deb and I have begun our own little mini-series addressing this issue. Tomorrow, Deb will share important ways to make the classroom a place for everyone, emphasizing communication and management strategies.… Continue reading Maximizing the Adult Resources in Our Classrooms

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Creating Classroom Environments: Paper Choices

Kids do need room to grow. Not only do they outgrow clothes in the blink of an eye, they also grow as readers and writers. This is why we need classroom libraries stocked with a wide range of levels, and it's why we need writing centers stocked with paper choices.

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Organize Your Classroom: Getting Rid of Stuff Feels Good

What would it look like if you were to make your classroom a "minimalist classroom?" A classroom where you only kept the things you actually use, and you gave away the rest to someone else in need?

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Pens Versus Pencils: Which One is Better for Writing Workshop?

In my line of work as a staff developer, I often get the question, “Which do you think is better? Pens or pencils?” I have to start by saying that I don’t think that pens versus pencils is a make-it-or-break-it issue. If you feel strongly one way or the other—go for it. It’s probably not… Continue reading Pens Versus Pencils: Which One is Better for Writing Workshop?

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Don’t Fall Apart Now!

This-coming weeks marks the time of the year that I recall a few of my former students falling apart.  Why?  Thanksgiving, which marks the beginning of the holiday season, falls out in the last week of November.  When I was in the classroom I quickly came to learn that any child who had a home… Continue reading Don’t Fall Apart Now!

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Classroom Management.

Since the first few weeks of my student teaching, classroom management hasn't been something I've struggled with.  (Although I do struggle with the term.)  The first week of my student teaching I planned a lab.  Everything went smoothly, except clean up.  The lab was a mess.  Nothing was put away.  Nothing was set for the next class… Continue reading Classroom Management.

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Well-Wishes for the Holidays

All warpped-up with positive social-emotional wishes Originally uploaded by teachergal This year my classroom has had an "It's not easy being green" theme. (And yes, I felt a bit old in September when the kids informed me they weren't familiar with that Kermit the Frog Song!) The reason is that I went back to using… Continue reading Well-Wishes for the Holidays

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Mini Notecards

Little Note Originally uploaded by teachergal I recently purchased a bunch of small note cards from Christina Hill, The Hollister 25, and Piping Hot Papers for the purpose of writing little notes to my students when I catch them doing something good, want to give them a written pep talk, of when I wish to… Continue reading Mini Notecards

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Five Shakes of the Rain Stick

Emily Butler-Smith, a staff developer with the TCRWP led an interesting session on classroom management structures at the July Writing Institute. At first, I'm pretty happy with the routines and procedures I've established (and honed) over the past few years. However, I truly believe you can always get ideas from others, so I went. And… Continue reading Five Shakes of the Rain Stick