Mini Notecards

Little Note

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I recently purchased a bunch of small note cards from Christina Hill, The Hollister 25, and Piping Hot Papers for the purpose of writing little notes to my students when I catch them doing something good, want to give them a written pep talk, of when I wish to tell them that they amazed me with their intelligence.

A new use for these note cards, which I discovered yesterday, was for writing back to kids when they send me an apology letter for something they did (e.g., inappropriate classroom behavior). One student wrote me a two-page note the other day. The final line of the note asked for one more chance. How could I not respond to that, in writing, seeing as he had taken the time to write me a sincere letter. The note card (above) shows my response.

Anyway, the notes, similar to the ones I sent my kids before the NECAP Reading Test, were a big hit. I see them lurking inside of the kids’ desks. If only I could coax these notes into the “ephemera section” of their writer’s notebooks…