Tech Workshop — Cool Things Before the Presentation

My friend June Yazel and I are putting together a workshop called: Tackling Technology in a Writer’s World. We are planning two different versions, one for elementary teachers and another for content area secondary teachers. Although similar, the secondary version will focus more on research and informational writing while the elementary version will focus more on using technology together and digital storytelling.

There are a couple of cool things I want to share with you. First, we made a QR Code to put on the flier. I couldn’t believe how easy-peesy it was to create. Simple go to this QR Code generator, put in the website link, and clicky-click. Presto! A unique QR Code. It made our wheels turn, thinking about this simple way to begin adding a touch of  multimedia to traditional reports. If you need a bar code reader for your smartphone, here is the app I use. If you know me, then you know you don’t have to ask if it is free — of course it is!

The QR Code takes people to the wiki we are creating for the workshop. Last year I spent a day learning from Troy Hicks and he used a wiki to help navigate the day. I thought it was a good idea, so June and I are doing most of our planning via this tech tool. (We are also using Google docs to share our ideas and make plans.)

A large part of the workshop is learning to use social networks as a means of professional development. So, we are planning to have two screens, one for the presentation and the other for a constant Twitter feed.  We are looking forward to sharing Twitter with the participants so they can see and experience firsthand the reason why Twitter remains a go-to source for professional development for both June and me.

We are also conscious about providing a enough information to keep the day moving, but also enough time for participants to get their feet wet with the technology and also envision how it will go in their own classrooms. This seems like a tall order.

Anyway, here’s the workshop information. If you are local, I’d love to spend the day with you talkin’ tech!

Workshop Information