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QR Codes

My kids are junkies when it comes to QR Codes. They love spotting them. They are addicted to the thrill of scanning. They like the possibility of where the QR Code might take them.

Today in the Tech Workshop (which should be renamed to Taking Time to Tackle Technology), we talked a little about QR Codes. Then we began imagining how they could be used in our classrooms.

First, a QR Code is a little like a bar code. Below is one I made that takes you to a video we watched in the training today.

When you spot one, you scan it with a bar code reader. The reader I use is NeoReader. It’s a free app for SmartPhones and tablets. Then you automatically go to an online space after scanning the QR Code.

The cool thing is you can make your own. Just plug in the URL at this QR Code Generator. Then copy or save the image to use. As long as there is a device in your classroom to read QR Codes, your students can become junkies too.

Here are some ways we imagined using QR Codes:

  1. Add them to the mentor text box of your current unit of study. For example if you are doing an author study of Kevin Henkes, you could include QR Codes of an interview with Kevin, his website, reviews of his books, ect.
  2. Include QR Codes on the Works Cited page, making it easy for others to visit your sources.
  3. Add QR Codes to your informational text. Maybe you are writing about pirates, so you add a QR Code that takes you to a website with pirate lingo.
  4. Include QR Codes on Infographics. June shared one she made of her current reading life.
  5. Add QR Codes to posters. June shared samples from high school students that included a QR Code to Al-Anon and Ala- Teen.
  6. Place QR Codes on a science (or history) table that will take kids to videos or websites with more information.
  7. Use QR Codes in narratives to help the story unfold.
  8. Add QR Codes to your parent newsletter as a way to extend learning to homes…or to connect parents to your classroom blog.

How about you? How do you envision using QR Codes in your classroom?

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  1. Oh my gosh instant PD-already watching the movie and already tweeted it out to my friends. Already send the email link to my school
    all in about 5 minutes. Great post thanks so much!!


  2. Just today, my sixth graders were creating QR codes to go with their short stories! They recorded short videos as teasers for their stories, uploaded these to youtube, and then created QR codes. We are laminating the codes and posting them next to the stories. So fun!


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