Creating Comics from a Real Life Experience

We were fortunate to cross paths into Kevin Hodgson when we were walking through the Convention Center at NCTE this afternoon.  He was leading a Tech on-the-Go Presentation about creating digital comics with students.  When Kevin asked for a volunteer to make a comic, we stepped up to the plate, creating a comic about our lunchtime adventure at the Reading Terminal Market, which included a cupcake trial.  Here’s what we created:

We created this comic with ToonDoo in under ten minutes. If we had more time, we could have truly perfected it and made it a work of art using the ToonDoo Software Kevin showed us.

To learn more about the software Kevin introduced us to at his presentation, click here.

Finally, here are the real photos of the two of us in front of Reading Terminal Market as well as our real cupcakes from the Flying Monkey Bakery, which was quite good.

In front of the Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia.

Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes