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The Picture Word Inductive Model: A Strategy for Developing Vocabulary and Language

Writing a text of any kind requires significant cognitive work, involving memory, hand-eye coordination, strength, concentration, executive functioning, planning— and the list goes on because I haven’t even gotten into imagination, comprehension, and information integration. The PWIM has allowed me to isolate single or targeted skills, providing opportunities for intentional practice. I can select pictures that are of interest to specific students, challenge them to practice letters and sounds, to verbalize and draft simple sentences, or to describe a situation. That way when students are writing their own pieces, the cognitive load may be taken up less by these practiced skills, allowing for more intellectual energy on other competing and important challenges within their writing process.

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Getting to Know the Writers in Your Classroom- Part 1: Academic and Linguistic Domains

Who students are and what their past experiences have been impact them as writers, and those impacts should have implications on instruction. Therefore, it's worth the time and energy to have systems and structures for learning about students as writers in your classroom.

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10 Strategies to Help Keep All Students Learning and Growing, Especially EALs

There are many strategies we can use to help us be the best teachers we can be for all of our students, but keeping good strategies in the forefront can be especially helpful for EAL students. By adding some simple strategies, we can also help EALs enjoy rich and meaningful learning experiences in the classroom.

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How to Know When to Move Forward with Language Learners

I recently was working with a kindergarten teacher who was teaching a group of six kindergarten students, all identified as novice English Language Learners.  My experience observing and working with this group reinforced my own understanding of Andrea Honigsfeld’s research in her recent book, Growing Language and Literacy. In it she solidifies my understanding that… Continue reading How to Know When to Move Forward with Language Learners

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Supporting EAL Students in Writing Workshop

Eight educators share their expertise to help us understand the way to meet the needs of students who are learning English within the context of writing workshop.