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Writing About Reading in the Writer’s Notebook

The writing a child crafts about a book or an article in her writer's notebook often holds a lot of meaning or value to her. This kind of writing about reading isn't about finding the main idea, making predictions, or intertextual connections. Rather, this writing about reading is usually composed in response to something that affected a child so deeply she had to write about it on her own terms.

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I’ve been studying sentence structure…

I was watching or listening or reading something this week --- I don't remember what -- but the message was: You can't be a writer if you're not a reader. True. (And probably the reason I don't remember who said it since this little tid-bit is fairly common knowledge.) The person went on to say:… Continue reading I’ve been studying sentence structure…

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Using Asterisks

During the demonstration of today's minilesson I added asterisks to my WN Entry to show a flashback in time. I said something like, "I'm going to put some stars here, called asterisks, to show that I'm going back in time. This is something that writers like Patricia MacLachlan, whose book, Journey, you read in third… Continue reading Using Asterisks

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I just got off of the phone with Ruth, with whom I shared the great news. Our conversation session proposal, "INSPIRING CHILDREN TO WRITE: TEACHING WRITING WORKSHOP WITH OUR NOTEBOOKS WIDE OPEN" was accepted for the 2008 NCTE Annual Convention in San Antonio, Texas. My speech title is "Teaching With My Notebook Wide-Open," while Ruth's… Continue reading WE’RE PRESENTING AT NCTE IN NOVEMBER!!!!

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Selecting a variety of notebook entries…

My fourth grade colleague and I have decided to share the photocopying responsibilities. Since my week is next week, I went to her today to find out if she'd be interested in having me photocopy some of my former students' notebook entries (I have permission, in writing, so long as their identity is protected.) so… Continue reading Selecting a variety of notebook entries…