Writing About Reading Blog Series

ICYMI: A Recap of This Week’s Blog Series, Writing About Reading

Our second blog series has come to an end. This post wraps up the Writing About Reading Blog Series. Also, we'd like to invite you to our Twitter Chat on Monday evening 8:30-9:30 EST.

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Writing About Reading in the Writer’s Notebook

The writing a child crafts about a book or an article in her writer's notebook often holds a lot of meaning or value to her. This kind of writing about reading isn't about finding the main idea, making predictions, or intertextual connections. Rather, this writing about reading is usually composed in response to something that affected a child so deeply she had to write about it on her own terms.

Writing About Reading Blog Series

Writing about Reading: A Quick Guide to Quick Literary Essays

Literary Essays are one of the most formal ways to write about reading. Though they may be formal, they need not be taxing or daunting. In this post, you will learn how to support your students in writing quick, thoughtful literary essays in just a class period or two. Really!

Writing About Reading Blog Series

Writing About Reading Blog Series

Lifting a line, creating a character connections web, and visual note taking are three ways for students to write about their reading. All three ways provide an opportunity for students to share their thinking, offering more than just a summary of the book. All three ways offer a glimpse into their minds as readers.