Using Asterisks

During the demonstration of today’s minilesson I added asterisks to my WN Entry to show a flashback in time. I said something like, “I’m going to put some stars here, called asterisks, to show that I’m going back in time. This is something that writers like Patricia MacLachlan, whose book, Journey, you read in third grade, do when they want to show changes in time.” (I was showing the kids how to take a photograph and write about the back-story, with precision, as a notebook entry.)

Wouldn’t you know that two of the kids I chatted with during Workshop did the same thing? They used asterisks to show changes in time in their entries. Interesting. This afternoon, during our study hall, one of my students came up to me to show me his entry. He, too, used the asterisks to show the flashbacks and flash-forwards in his two-page entry. Wow.

I like seeing kids who focus on everything during minilessons and then have-a-go with it. This not only makes me they are risk-takers, but it also makes me think that they have potential to mentor themselves after published authors in units of study to-come.

My entry was written in pencil, which is why it’s a bit hard to view above.