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Poetry for the Summer Birthday Kiddos

Yesterday afternoon, I was fishing around for permanent markers in my classroom supply closet when I noticed the birthday pencils.  I ordered a gross of pencils from a teacher supply company five years ago and there are still quite a few left?  Why? Well, until 2007, I only gave birthday poem cards to kids whose… Continue reading Poetry for the Summer Birthday Kiddos

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Poems for Kids’ Birthdays

I was on two home visits yesterday. At the first one, the little girl asked me, "Do you know when my birthday is?" I sure did! I knew it because I already put all of my students' contact information into Outlook, which I syched to my iTouch. However, when I realized that I have four… Continue reading Poems for Kids’ Birthdays

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And now a poem since I poems are always a nice part of a birthday greeting (in my opinion, at least): Warm Wishes A soft slate-blue sky swallows floating across fluffy clouds and the breeze gently glides among trees odours fragrant of boungainvillae all these and more remind me of the special day marking your… Continue reading Bday

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Birthday Poems Instead of Presents

I don't buy gifts. I don't bake cupcakes. I don't create Happy Birthday Certificates. Instead I hand-make a birthday card for each of my students, decorate it with stickers, ribbons, etc. and then attach a birthday poem to it. I think that it makes a nicer gift than anything else I've handed out in the… Continue reading Birthday Poems Instead of Presents