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AuthorDeb Frazier

The Promise of a Writing Maker Space

As I opened my classroom door Friday I knew we would be writing a poem for Mother’s Day. I was feeling a bit guilty about the ease and maybe the lack of thought that I had put into the gift this year. As I switched on the lights and straightened books, I thought about Wonderopolis. I entered Mother’s Day in the search box and found a wonder on Mother’s Day and an invitation to dive into Writing Maker Space!

Student-Written Mentor Texts: Teaching Writing with Mentor Texts

As you embark on using, student-written mentor texts push yourself beyond the flawless and visually perfect pieces. Look for the gems buried behind the messy and sometimes crumpled papers. Search for opportunities for all students to shine and guide other writers. All writers have value.

Professional Development Done Your Way: P.D. Possibilities Series

#HilliardU brings the essential elements of professional development together in one event. First, Hilliard U is made up of presentations by teachers of various grade levels and subject areas, academic coaches, related arts teachers, administration and well-known professionals in our field. As participants, we design our day by choosing from a variety of breakout sessions offered or take advantage of a collaboration room to work with colleagues.

Success, Struggles and Strategies~ Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge

When @cathymere first asked if I planned to participate in the 30 days writing challenge my answer was, “Yes! My class will love the idea of a challenge, and they write every day in our writing workshop, so why not!” After my rather impulsive “Yes” I reflected on the writers in my class and began wonder what this challenge would look like in our classroom.