Slice of Life Story Challenge

It’s Tuesday! Write. Share. Give.


“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
Anaïs Nin
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Happy Thanksgiving from our writing space to yours!
We hope your Thanksgiving was full of family and memory making.  Thank you for sharing your slice of life with us today.



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  1. I;ve been quiet on this site over the past year as I have tried to process and accept tremendous family loss……yet a post this past week….on writing to remember….has been calling me….and today I want to say I am SO SO SO thankful for this community even if I could not write for many months as I grieved…This post is about my DIFFERENT Thanksgiving.


  2. An invitation to you. Every year I create a video to welcome the new year. You are invited to send me 3-5 photos and short captions for each one that represent you this past year.. THIS IS US!!!!! Send them to my email address: If you are new to this and need more explanation here’s the one from last year

    Hope you us this year. Deadline: Dec. 28.



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