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Let’s Celebrate!

Today was the end of the trimester at my school.  This also means it is the end of the course I’ve been teaching for the past twelve weeks.  Naturally, we held a writing celebration.  I teamed up with another teacher, Tif Beer, and we put together a:


Writing Celebration & Awards Banquet

Tif gets all the credit for this idea.  It was brilliant!  We decked out the room with as many white lights as possible; whipped up a breakfast spread; and dressed up in formal gowns, complete with tiaras (borrowed from my daughters).  Sweet, eh?

The best part was how much our students appreciated it.  Really appreciated it.  This makes it all worth it.

The order of events:

  1. A silent writing celebration + written comments
  2. Breakfast
  3. Awards, with special appearances  from our students’ favorite celebrities (via Powerpoint!)

Here’s a photo of Tif & I . . . I must add:  Dressing up in a crown and sparkles —  to the list of reasons why educators have the greatest job on the face of the planet!

Writing Celebration

Have you had an all out celebration with your students recently?  If not, why not start planning for one today?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate!

  1. Maggie had Ms. Beer first tri. She loved the award ceremony. Her award hung on the fridge for awhile. I remember being impressed that a high school teacher would take the time to plan awards.


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