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The Art of Listening

Silence. It is the other side of talk. It is the back board of listening. When we are silent it opens up our mind to what is going on around us. It allows us to listen and reflect on what others are saying. When we are silent we are able to tap into the art… Continue reading The Art of Listening

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A Slice + Some.

Today I had the privilege of listening to Bill Meyer tell his powerful story.  He is a survivor of the Holocaust.  He is the fourth Holocaust survivor I have heard speak in person.  Although I have studied the Holocaust in depth, am widely read on the subject, and have passionately taught about the Holocaust, with the focus of standing… Continue reading A Slice + Some.

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WN ENTRY: What do we do when we find ourselves repeating history?

"Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it." My high school History Teacher, Tom Wilcox, didn't originate that phrase, but he repeated it to us quite a few times during tenth grade. It stuck with me. I remember this phrase each and every time I have to teach something difficult from our nation's… Continue reading WN ENTRY: What do we do when we find ourselves repeating history?

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Poetry Pass in Interactive Read Aloud

We did a Poetry Pass for the first time during Interactive Read Aloud yesterday. I wanted to do it so that I could get the kids writing about a 'heavy' poem I presented them with, which is one of the texts in our voice/silence text set. They did a simply amazing job with responding, in… Continue reading Poetry Pass in Interactive Read Aloud

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Voice/Silence — Poetry Friday

Staying with the voice/silence theme my class has begun to think about during our Interactive Read Alouds, I give you this poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller on the first Poetry Friday of National Poetry Month. First They Came for the Jews First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I… Continue reading Voice/Silence — Poetry Friday

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Of course you can write!

My kids returned from lunch and recess looking like they were ready for a discussion, not a read aloud aloud. However, it was time for Interactive Read Aloud and we were supposed to look at The Other Side though the voice/silence lens. However, I decided to deviate from the plan and went through the "Voice/Silence… Continue reading Of course you can write!

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Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: #31

I heard the clicking of heels on the hallway floor. The clicking was getting closer. It was Kate. She had come to talk about our upcoming Voice/Silence Interactive Read Aloud Text Set, for which we haven't decided up on yet. We talked for a few minutes, both of us sitting atop the students' desks when… Continue reading Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: #31