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Getting to Know Your Writers

The decisions I make from the classroom library to family connections are intentional and responsive to building a community of writers and learning about the students who make up this community.

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Conferring Tip: Listening Closely

A wise person once told me, conferring is the heart of the writing workshop. And much has been written about how to go about conferring effectively. Guides and professional books abound, videos, websites (this one included), and there's even an app or two out there complete with drop-down menus and spreadsheets. But all of the… Continue reading Conferring Tip: Listening Closely

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The Art of Listening

Silence. It is the other side of talk. It is the back board of listening. When we are silent it opens up our mind to what is going on around us. It allows us to listen and reflect on what others are saying. When we are silent we are able to tap into the art… Continue reading The Art of Listening