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Poetry Thursday

Ruth and I both know and love Poetry Friday. However, I was just perusing the internet and found a site called Poetry Thursday, which is “an online project that builds community by encouraging bloggers to read and enjoy poetry, as well as sharing it with others.” Since I love teaching poetry (and reading it), I figured why not post something in honor of Poetry Thursday as well? (We’ll still continue taking part in Poetry Friday too!) For more information on Poetry Thursday, click here.

Anyway, here’s my first Poetry Thursday submission.

Yesterday I was in Washington, DC and I had to exit the Metro Station due to a suspicious package at the Dupont Circle Metro Station, which was one block north of where I was. Please don’t get me wrong: I love DC (went to college there)! However, I started thinking about my new hometown and state, Providence, Rhode Island, and how much safer I feel here (homeland security wise). Hence, I wrote two acrostic poems which I feel capture some of those emotions. Here they are:

Providing a feeling of safety and
Respite from the hustle and bustle
Of daily life in NYC and DC.
Very quiet, but not
Definitely a place where
Everyone is
Nice, especially the drivers of
Cars who yield to me
Even when making left turns.

(For those of you who don’t know, I’ve lived in cities ever since I left home for college. Hence, driving regularly is a new thing for me. I never had a car in Washington or Manhattan so nice drivers make me happy!)

Reviving my
Heart and soul by allowing me to leave the
Overwhelming stressors or
Daily life in a metropolis, feeling
Ever distant.

I’ve come to enjoy the
Serenity of
Life here
And have grown to love the
Nicenless of Rhode Islanders who
Day-after-day and year-after-year call this more tranquil place home.

As usual, my acrostic poems are not of the same caliber as poets like Paul Paolilli who wrote Silver Seeds, but they’re the best I can do and I like them because they capture the essence of what I was feeling yesterday when I picked up my writer’s notebook.

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  1. i live in such a tranquil place as you describe,, and i am never at home when i am in the city… driving,, or no… you are fortunate to be able to find pleasure in both worlds…..


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