The Big Picture: Happy Mail!!!

This is the final post of The Big Picture Series. (Ruth stated hers was the last, but after I received some mail from her today, I decided we needed to have just one more post in this Series.)

I returned home from running errands about 30 minutes ago and found a thick, manila envelope in my mailbox. It was from Ruth. What could she be sending me? I wondered. I turned the envelope over and found the words HAPPY MAIL! emblazoned on the back. I smiled immediately. I like getting mail that’s not bills, junk mail, or catalogs. I opened the envelope and found a magazine all about Slice of Life Scrapbooking inside, along with a couple of cards. It made my day to receive this from Ruth since:

  1. It deals with a Challenge we hold here every Tuesday.
  2. It wasn’t a catalog, piece of junk mail, or a bill I had to pay.
  3. It showed me that she was thinking of me.

The third item in my list is the most important. When we show others we’re thinking of them, it helps them feel special and needed in this world. Adults need this, but so do kids.

Have you ever left a hand-written note in a student’s classroom mailbox to say, “I noticed what you did earlier today and thought that was very kind. You should be so proud of yourself.” OR “I thought you might want to read this article. I know you’re interested in this topic. Let me know what you think when you finish it.”? If not, try it. Watch their face light up. Often times, the child will save that piece of mail from you. Why? Because it’s happy mail!!! They don’t have to show it to a parent. It was given to them because something made you think of them. It was only addressed to them.

Try giving each of your students a piece of happy mail at least once a month. It will improve a student’s morale. Most certainly, it will show your students that you care about them as people.