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Stacey’s Memoir Monday Post: In-Process About My Closest Friend

Through the years…

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I took one of the lean prompts, and some of the questions Sprague gave us during the Stories in Hand Class, and used them to start writing a piece about my best friend and I (and how we met). Then, I started doing some writing, in which I played around with the second person. It’s still in its draft stages, but it’s a piece I’m committed to developing for my Stories in Hand Binder.

When you’re 18, going through sorority rush, you hope you’re going to meet the friends that will last a lifetime. By the time you’re 19, you might realize that you’re not destined to be best friends with everyone in your pledge class. By 20 years old, you realize that sororities don’t necessarily mean that you’re going to have 65 super-close friends. By the time you are 21, you’re thankful that some of your sisters are also your true friends. When you’re 31, and can look back on the rush process, and realize that it gave you your closest friend in the entire world, you are thankful.

Be sure to click on the “notes” in the Flickr shot (if you click through) since there are more details about the smaller photos. NOTE: I did NOT want the image on the top right to be the big image there, but somehow the Smilebox Technology wouldn’t allow me to put the bridal shower photo in its place.

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