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Poetry Friday & Photo Friday Collide (Again)


The Perfect Hot Fudge Sundaes

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Bernard Friot gives readers a charge on Day 100 of The Aspiring Poet’s Journal to write a poem as a text message. Since I’m not a big text-er (and don’t pay for them), I thought this would be a challenge. My poem is about the hot fudge sundaes I created to ring in the new year. (Doesn’t sound exciting? Well, we had quite a bit of snow here in Providence, so we stayed in!)

Note: Starting next Friday, any original Poetry Friday Submissions I write will be housed at 365 Memories, Poems, and Slices of Life. Today it appears on both blogs. 🙂

PHAT Sundaes
These were a WOA
cr8ted at the EOD
to celebr8 NYE.
BON these PHAT sundaes contain
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream,
Hot Fudge,
More Caramel, &
Real Whipped Cream.
I savor it…
OML, the ball is falling &
I’ll have to shout HNY, but
RN I have to finish
this treat.
I wolf it down &
yell HNY just as
ATST as I take
my last bite.

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