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“Stories in Hand” Meets “Poetry Friday”

"Characteristics You Inherited" Layout Originally uploaded by teachergal I decided to use the first layout I created for the Stories in Hand Class I'm taking with Poetry Friday. The story spark I used for this layout was "What physical and character traits did you inherit from your mom? From your dad?" However, I didn't write… Continue reading “Stories in Hand” Meets “Poetry Friday”

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Poetry Friday: At the Pumpkin Patch

Jenny Whitehead's Book, Holiday Stew: A Kid's Portion of Holiday and Seasonal Poems, is chock-full of wonderful treasures that can be shared with kids on religious and secular holidays. It's categorized by season and has adorable illustrations to-boot. Here's a portion of one of Whitehead's Halloween Poems, "At the Pumpkin Patch," which you can read… Continue reading Poetry Friday: At the Pumpkin Patch

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Poetry Friday: Voting Acrostic

After yesterday's lesson, and the awesome "get out & vote" posters my students made, I decided to write an acrostic poem about voting. Vigorous supporters Of candidates always Take to the polls. It's important that No one, regardless of their zeal, forgets to Go to the polls on November 4th! This week Kelly is hosting… Continue reading Poetry Friday: Voting Acrostic

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Poetry Friday: I Think I Said Too Much

An Original Poem for Poetry Friday:  Writing in My PJ's  I think I said too much When I told my kids About my morning rituals yesterday.  I told them I rise at 5:15 a.m. So I can write And read the and Before I get start getting ready at six.  I think I… Continue reading Poetry Friday: I Think I Said Too Much

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Poetry Friday Roundup

    Here's the round-up as of p.m. 6:17 p.m. on October 3rd: FALL & NEW ENGLAND POEMS (I'm putting these first since I'm an Autumn Lover and I'm in a very fall-like, New England-y, mood today, as evidenced from the poem I posted.) Barbara posted "October's Party," along with a lovely photograph. Elaine contributed a lovely… Continue reading Poetry Friday Roundup

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We’re Hosting Poetry Friday Today!

Welcome! Please link the poem you post to this one by clicking on the Image Linky at the bottom of this post. (To ensure that we capture your Poetry Friday Submission, please leave a comment since we've had some trouble with Mr. Linky in recent weeks.) Now on to the poetry! A couple of weeks… Continue reading We’re Hosting Poetry Friday Today!

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P.F.: Getting to Know the Teacher

Where I'm From with notes Originally uploaded by teachergal When my former students and I published DEAL WITH IT! Powerful Words from Smart, Young Women in 2007, we decided to write "Where I'm From Poems" by George Ella Lyon in lieu of short paragraphs about each one of us. At the start of the 2007-08… Continue reading P.F.: Getting to Know the Teacher

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Poetry Friday: An Original Acrostic.

With the start of the year, I've noticed several teachers having students use their names to make acrostic poems.  I was reminded of a post Stacey wrote * about encouraging meaning in acrostic poetry.  So, on my drive to work this morning, I composed one.  I had to dig my notebook out of my bag and… Continue reading Poetry Friday: An Original Acrostic.

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Poetry Friday: A Little Billy Collins For You

Bonnie mentioned a Billy Collins Poem, "The Names," in a comment she left yesterday. While he's one of my favorite poets (new favorites), I have to admit that I didn't know about this one. In case you fall into the same category, then here is part of it: The Names Yesterday, I lay awake in… Continue reading Poetry Friday: A Little Billy Collins For You

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Educational Policy on Poetry Friday

The Conventions are over. As Americans, we've heard a lot of rhetoric and many attacks -- on both sides. I feel each of us, as teachers, must inform ourselves about the educational policies of both candidates so that each of us can make an informed decision about the policies that will affect our everyday lives… Continue reading Educational Policy on Poetry Friday

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Poetry Friday: An Acrostic Poem About Labor Day

I was looking around for a poem about Labor Day on this final summer Friday. (I know, I know… summer goes through mid-September. However, this is the weekend that always feels like the last weekend of summer to me.) I found an acrostic poem by Nicholas Gordon that captures the mood and feeling that I… Continue reading Poetry Friday: An Acrostic Poem About Labor Day