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Poetry Friday: Please join us!

I am hosting Poetry Friday this week! Please leave a comment with a link to and a brief description of your post. I will put up another post later this weekend, using Jog the Web,  which includes all of your links since I have family visiting today.

Speaking of family, Father’s Day is two days away.  I’ve been perusing the web, looking for inspiration, to write a poem for my dad.  Here are some sites where you can find poems for dads:

Thank you, in advance, for participating in Poetry Friday!

34 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Please join us!

  1. I’ve selected the 2007 edition of the classic poem, “If: A Father’s Advice to His Son” by Rudyard Kipling, illustrated by Charles R. Smith, Jr, the 2010 winner of the Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award.


  2. Here’s a link to a site that will deliver a poem to your inbox every day. I may have found it through this site, forgive me if I did…the brain fails me at this time of the year! Today’s poem is about a father and son fishing. All week they have been posting poems to honor fathers.


  3. Hi Stacey and Ruth,

    Thanks for hosting!

    In honor of Father’s Day, I have a poetry story about father and son. Although they had their differences, you can see how great of an influence the father had on the son. Some say the son surpassed the father. I would rather look at it that the son stood on the father’s shoulders.

    You can read about Gerard and Manley Hopkins here:

    Also, I included a famous poem by Gerard.

    Laura Evans
    all things poetry


  4. Thank you for hosting, Stacey and Ruth! Today I have a poem by a child, a sneak peek into a new poetry book, and an original poem about poems (#79 – “Stay Awhile”). Happy Poetry Friday, and Happy Father’s Day to all!


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