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AuthorKathleen Neagle Sokolowski

Digital Mentor Text for Blogs: Teaching Writing with Mentor Texts

Some of the most influential pieces of writing that have tugged at my heart and live in my soul are blog posts. As we planned this blog series on mentor texts, a lightbulb flashed above my head: Why not create a collection of mentor blog posts to help me improve my own writing? Why not create a similar collection for my students, to share with them possibilities and craft moves they could try, too?

Make Writing: A Book Review

Make Writing: 5 Teaching Strategies That Turn Writer’s Workshop Into a Maker Space is a “MUST READ” for writing teachers. It is a quick read (less than 100 pages), inspiring, practical, and very current, as “maker spaces” are a hot topic in education today. These strategies can be used with all age levels, bring fresh energy to writing workshop, and allow for more students to find their voices as writers.

Classroom Teachers’ Rights and Responsiblities: PD Possibilities

As a classroom teacher, most of the time I am a participant in PD, not the facilitator. I want to learn, to be inspired, to leave a PD session one step closer to being the teacher I dream to be. I believe that teachers have rights when it comes to Professional Development. With rights comes responsibilities, and teachers have those, too as we consider PD.